elaine (hozameen) wrote,

yea lj

woo, livejournal! I realized reading my friends page that there is a whole crew of y'all that I otherwise don't communicate with, and it's nice to read up on what's up with you guys.... and here's a little something in return from me, too... maybe it'll become habitual again, hmmmm....

I live in Austin now with my girlfriend Heather. You can see pics from our cross-country road trip and current life here:


I am working at an after-school program called Citizen Schools which is pretty cool. I also teach young ones at the austin nature and science center.... also pretty fun. The contrast of experiences has made  me realize my commitment to science, however (it's hard to compel myself to care about organized backpacks and quality homework with Citizen Schools), so after years of ambivalence, I'm going to actually apply to grad school for '09. Yes, '09... I need to take the regular and the biology GRE, ugh.

Anyways, the nuts and bolts of my current life..... I think I also have a fever today, maybe due to riding my bike in the sudden 60 degree weather, whoa. Feels like fall, which doesn't really happen much in Texas!
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