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A Plan

I here submit, for your consideration, a hypothetical plan for life. For my life, specifically, but I think it's an interesting notion that so many people, especially those not tied down to much in life, can consider, to live cheaply and rather nomadically for a while. Here goes.

Plan: Couch-Nomad NYC (working title)

A bit of background, first of all: I recently was offered again the opportunity to travel back to Vanuatu for some more lizarding. Yay!!!! I get paid a bit this time, but still have to pay for airfare, my bills back home, et cetera. But whatever, I have a little bit of cash socked away, and it looks like I can make it happen. Next, in a conversation with a co-worker who may be moving to Kenya soon, the idea was proposed of just travelling on for a few months (at least) after Vanuatu. What a plan! Of course, it came back to finances...ie, having none....which leads to....

Until the end of May, I am living in a room that I paid the rent for up-front. It is amazing to me how much I can put away when I don't have to cut that check every month...I know it's fairly obvious, but rent is most people's largest expense, and it is absolutely over the top here in New York. So! Here is an enormous expense I can cut back on. And here is the Plan....For the three months of the summer, I beg you, my friends, for the use of your couch or perchance even a spare room (!) to sleep on, for 1-2 weeks, no more. In return, I can pay a small sum, cook you a nice dinner(s), or take care of your plants/pets while you are out of town.

Okay, but there's more, I'm not just being a shmuck. I want to make it a real project, keep a blog of my experiences, of no privacy, owning barely any possessions, and re-acclimating to a new space every couple of weeks. In essence, it's much like travelling abroad as I will be doing, but having to still keep my jobs and life afloat. I will keep a map of NYC charting my course around the city, and hopefully have pictures as well.

I plan to make it an informal study of space in the city, how people utilize it, what people are willing to pay, as well as an introspective venture as to my own force of will, physical exertion, life without the material things I rely on currently, and so forth. This may feed into my larger world travel Plan, I want to go with some kind of theme, perhaps use of space and resources may be it.

*I still haven't totally convinced myself that this is a good plan...though I'm getting close. Thoughts about the general plan?? Do you think *you* could do it?

*Friends in nyc~ Would you host? and even non-nyc friends, were this proposed to you locally, would you participate?

*The closest thing to a blog I have is this...anyone care to host couchnomadnyc.com??

*As to the world travel, I'm wide open...tell me where I should go and why!

feel free to email at erklein at simons-rock dot edu

*the fun part~
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