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Sunday night domesticity

Mmmm, I just made some tasty sesame noodles for dinner, and now have severe scallion breath.. TMI? Nevah!

I realized recently that e-mail has trashed my writing skills. I know this topic has been beaten to death, but it never really rang true for me on a personal level, until having to write an essay for a summer job that I want. Painful? Yes. Difficult to string words together? Yes. Trashed half of it on a re-read? Yes.    Ugh. I finally got a relatively decent essay out of it, but damn it was hard. Having been, at one time in my life, a daily writer, the experience made me realize that the only regular writing I ever take on anymore is e-mails. And yeah they're amazing e-mails, damn straight, but the skill doesn't necessarily translate well to "real" writing.

Good story, right? Yep, c'est la vie, these days.

I start my new lizard tissue organizing job tomorrow! And when you read that, you have to read it in a super-nerdy voice.... cuz that's the only way I can say it, with a pale sort of grin/grimace of glee at the thought of spending all day alone with specimens.
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